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Are you a fan who would love to read advanced copies of my upcoming books? Do you love helping authors by jotting off quick reviews during releases? Want to be the first to know about an awesome upcoming release of mine?! Then it seems you should sooo sign up to join Elizabeth Lynx’s Always ARCsters!

It's super important to get reviews on new books as soon as they launch. I bet you buy books after reading a few reviews to see if other like-minded readers enjoyed it, especially if it's a new author. I know that I do. While, not only does the review help encourage people to give a new author a chance, they help drive early sales which means that Amazon takes notice and starts to market on my behalf.

Now you see why authors love reviews – it’s not just for their ego, lol.

I'm looking for some dependable readers to take on advance copies of my upcoming books (usually 3-4 weeks before release) to read and review on Amazon within 48 hours of the book going live. Does this sounds like something you would love to be part of? Then what are you waiting for…read on!

Thank you so much for taking the time to consider joining this group!

Hugs & Kisses,

*By providing me with the information below you are agreeing for me to use the information to contact you in regards to my books and/or receive my books. Your information will not be used in any other way or sold/given to a third party.


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