Healthcare Professionals Against Human Trafficking: A Workshop
The Federation of Medical Women of Canada’s Gender-Based and Family Violence committee is excited to announce our first workshop for healthcare professionals on Human Trafficking. Human trafficking is the trade of humans for various purposes, including forced labour, sexual slavery, and commercial sexual exploitation. Unfortunately, the victims of human trafficking are disproportionately women and girls. Although limited data exists, it is clear that human trafficking occurs not only across Canada, but specifically in Toronto. As medical professionals, it is imperative we are able to identify people being or at-risk of being trafficked, that we support survivors and prevent human trafficking.

When: Wednesday, October 16th 4:00-6:00pm
Where: MSB 3154, 1 King’s College Circle


1. Detective Wendy Leaver, a specialist in human trafficking
2. Co-Founder of Canadian Medical Students Against Human Trafficking

Refreshments will be provided.

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