Montego Falls Interest List
Welcome to the Montego Falls Interest List. Thank you for taking the time to supply us with your contact information.


1. All questions must be answered.
2. Any duplicate entries, multiple submissions or false entries are grounds for removal.
3. Interest list participants will ALL be notified immediately upon the availability of an apartment.
4. Interest list participants will be given 24 hours to apply, on a first come first served basis. The apartment will then be advertised to the public.
5. Montego Falls Apartments will not reserve an apartment without all applicable fees, proof of income & asset information for all household members. These items must be submitted together in order to start the application process, and all adult household members must be present.
6. Montego Falls Apartments is operated under the Tax Credit Program. income requirements and restrictions apply.
7. Income amounts MUST be listed as gross annual income total for the entire household.
8. For a full list of our screening criteria, please visit our property's website at

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When an apartment within our community comes available, you will be notified by email. Read the email carefully. All of the necessary details regarding the size, location and requirements will be listed in the email. All interest list participants will receive the same notification. The apartment will be leased on a first come, first serve basis to any interest list participant. After 24 hours the apartment will then become available to the public. Failure to respond to the email by the specified deadline will result in REMOVAL from the interest list. *
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