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SFPE Meeting for January 12, 2021
This month's meeting will be held virtually using Microsoft Teams. The meeting link will be sent separately. Please email dvsfpe@gmail.com if you do not receive the link.

Beginning at 5pm, Brendan Kerrigan, of Viking Group Inc, will be presenting on how to efficiently design and calculate a Clean Agent System in Revit. Brendan is on the Digital Solutions team at Viking Group Inc, was previously part of SprinkCAD Group at Tyco/JCI, and holds a Masters Degree in Fire Protection Engineering.

The presentation on Viking’s Clean Agent Assistant demonstrates the creation and calculation of a Clean Agent (FM 200 or NOVEC 1230) system in Revit per NFPA 2001. Viking’s Clean Agent Assistant program is a free software and is included in the Viking Tools for Revit add-in.

This presentation is a live demonstration of the software and will flow as follows:
1) Where to obtain the software, and where tutorials are located https://digital.vikingcorp.com
2) How to create a reference geometry for the room (s) to be protected in Revit (if model not provided by architect)
3) How to extract the protected volume (s) from Revit. This can avoid errors / improves accuracy of protected volume. When properly defined can handle volume extraction of non-rectangular rooms and sloped ceilings quite well.
4) How to choose parameters of the system such as design concentration and discharge time when designing per NFPA 2001. How things impacting the agent quantity calculation such as altitude can be extracted from the Revit drawing.
5) How to select an appropriately sized / filled container or containers for the system, and how to represent the required floor space in Revit coordination.
6) Discuss pipe and fittings automatically provided by the software to conform with NFPA 2001 requirements.
7) How to lay out discharge nozzles for the system per their listing and approvals.
8) How to run the hydraulic calculations to verify system performance.
9) How to generate a submittal document for an AHJ or include system details such as agent quantity calculations in your drawings/sheets.
10) Review included vent area calculations per FSSA guidelines.

This seminar counts for 1 hour of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). If you would like a copy please ask for an email receipt at the end of this form.
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