Feeling Strong: Food & Care Package Request Form (Dundee)
(We only work within Dundee, so if you are outwith Dundee then you will be able to get help from your local charities and foodbanks)

Feeling Strong are delivering food/care packages to those who are self-isolating as a result of COVID-19. These food packages will provide vital products that people who are self-isolating may not be able to get themselves, and the allocation of the packages will be conducted on a needs assessed basis. As an exception to Feeling Strong's normal services, the food packages are available to all ages. We expect demand to be higher than the packages that are available and we ask that if you are safely able to get supplies, whether through a friend or family, then consider this before submitting this form.

The food package will be a mix of ambient temperature staples, and each package will likely be different. We can also provide sanitary products.

Please note:
Feeling Strong accept no responsibility for any consequence that arises as a result of you submitting this form - we have implemented safety procedures in line with current national guidelines and on advisement from our partners on how we can provide these packages safely. The health and wellbeing of our staff, members and any users of this service are paramount and we will foremost make decisions based on this. You are responsible for checking the best before dates on your food and acting accordingly. By submitting this form you agree to the above.

Privacy and Data Handling:
This form is used to collect the data we need to process your food package request form legally and safely. The information gathered through this form will be held in line with Feeling Strong’s Privacy Policy and it will not be shared to a third party without your consent and you may request to see this data at any time. We will contact you through the information you provide below so we can contact you in accordance with your preferences, which you can change at any time, however if you would not like to be contacted it will affect the ability of your participation in this.

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