Suggestions and Feedback for INSR
INSR (International Network for Seed-based Restoration) is a Section within SER (Society for Ecological Restoration).

Officially organized in early 2015, INSR aims to connect people who use, produce, study and regulate native seeds with a goal to improve seed production, establishment and ecological restoration.

INSR functions as a network through a website of resources, recorded webinar, news, and message boards and participation at professional meetings.

As a new network, the website is poised to germinate and disperse ideas and information. With your contributions and participation, the content and usefulness of the INSR website will grow and as content and usefulness increases, visitors and usage will increase, which will further increase content and usefulness.

Please share your input on how we can improve the INSR website and activities for the promotion of successful restoration with native seeds.

1. How did you learn about INSR?
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2. Why are you interested in/what appeals to you about INSR?
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3. What is your relationship with native seeds and/or restoration?
4. Which category(ies) applies to you?
5. What other native seed groups or forums do you interact with?
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6. How do you think INSR can assist and support and connect the diverse group of stakeholders who work with native seeds and restoration?
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7. What would you like to see on the website?
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8. How can INSR be relevant to stakeholders around the world and also to stakeholders in specific locations?
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9. Which country or countries do you work in?
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10. Other comments, concerns, suggestions:
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