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VISITATION GUIDELINE - Reservations Required. Last entry 3 pm. Note that all visitors need to be out of the Sanctuary by 5 pm. The Sanctuary is not open for visitors in the evenings. Under My Wing offers up to a 2 hrs visit per appointment. We do not allow more than 4 individuals at a time on premises, Therefore an appointment to visit is necessary. Please copy and past in your browser this link to process your donation admission a donation admission fee of $20 per adult and $10 per child must be received prior to appointment. Visitors are expected to walk quietly and obey posted signs and instructions from staff and volunteers. Your trip to the Sanctuary should be focused on learning about life for unwanted birds is in a sanctuary setting, why and how the birds end up in a sanctuary vs being rehomed or adopted and help you determine if you should financially support our work and the birds needs, sponsor a bird, volunteer and membership opportunities and how you can become involved to help us maintain a healthy, safe, thriving life for them. The Sanctuary was not established or managed to provide visitors with entertainment. For the most part, we expect our visitors to simply observe birds carrying out their natural activities, ask our staff questions for educational purposed. This form is not purposed for individuals who are looking for possible adoption of birds. Under My Wing is a sanctuary, we do not offer nor promote adoptions, foster birds, trade, breed nor utilize birds for entertainment purposes. Use of camera’s phone and videos are NOT permitted. If you would like a picture with the birds our staff will be delighted to accommodate and send it to you. Please be sure to leave your cell phone in your car as we do not allow calls, texting or other activity while visiting. A proper distance of 3' away from the birds or their cages must be kept at all times. For safety reasons parents of children under 7 must be accompanied by parent and parent must keep child close or hold their hand throughout the visit. We appreciate gift giving of parrot food, fresh fruits and veggies, nuts and treats, however we do not permit for you to distribute this food on your visit until it is checked by staff and in case of fruits and vegetable until after proper washing. If you wish to bring the birds such items please make sure to notify us that we may proceed accordingly and give you a chance to feed our birds the products you have donated or our ready to feed food. Your application will not be considered unless we receive two forms of picture ID, residential proof and or a letter on your school or company's letterhead if applicable approving you for your visit. To continue with this application you acknowledge and accept our visitation guideline. Thanking you in advance for choosing to visit our exotic bird sanctuary. We hope your visit will be a pleasurable one. *
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