Mentors Application for the W1 Forward InsurTech Accelerator / WERK1

We are searching for Mentors for the W1 Forward InsurTech Accelerator / WERK1. If you're interested in helping our teams become more successful, we'd love to have you!

As such, we're looking for professionals specifically with the following expertise:
- Product Strategy
- User Experience Design
- User Interface Design
- Technology
- Marketing
- Branding / Story Telling
- Growth / Sales
- Legal Matters
- Finance
- Business Development
- Investor Relations
- HR and Org structure

We are also interested in having keynote presenters on any and all topics related to current insurance operations, regulation and process.

After filling out this form your information will be received by the WERK1 who will follow up with you on specifics regarding your meeting with teams.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our Program Manager
Anastasia Stoycheva

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