Story Collection: Impact of VAWA protections
Since 1994, VAWA self-petitions have been a critical protection for immigrant survivors of domestic violence, allowing survivors to gain safety and stability without having to remain in abusive relationships. ASISTA, as one of the co-chairs of the Alliance for Immigrant Survivors (AIS) is collecting stories to show how valuable VAWA self-petitions and VAWA's protections about survivor information are to survivor safety.

We are seeking stories that show how VAWA self-petitions are a valuable tool to help survivors thrive and to escape violent relationships.

We are also seeking stories where abusers have tried to interfere with or seek information about a survivor's immigration case. Please share stories where abusers have called ICE or USCIS to try to undermine a survivor's filed case. We are collecting this information to show the significant importance of the VAWA protections (at 8 USC 1367) that safeguard survivors confidential information when they have an application filed with USCIS and prohibit DHS and other federal agencies from taking an adverse action in a case based upon information solely provided by an abuser or abuser's family.

This information will help ASISTA and AIS with its national advocacy efforts to defend these life-saving benefits for immigrant survivors of domestic violence. No identifying information will be needed, but we may reach out to you for more information on these cases.

If you are an advocate or attorney, by filling out this form you affirm that you have your client's consent to share a general summary of the case for ASISTA's and (AIS) advocacy purposes (including legislative advocacy).

Please feel free to re-submit this form if you have more than one story to share.

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