ATD San Diego Mentor-Protégé Program 2019 - Protégé Application
Each year our chapter offers this award winning program to current San Diego chapter members, and we're excited to celebrate our program's 20TH ANNIVERSARY this year! Through a creative "speed dating" process, we pair volunteer mentors with interested proteges over a six month semi-structure program. The program provides opportunities for all ATD members, from rookies to veterans, to learn, develop skills, and network in a supportive environment.

NOTE: This application will be shared with prospective mentors to help assess who they would be best matched with during the program. You will also receive mentor profiles for review.

For more information, visit If you have any questions regarding the program or application, please reach out to Monica Braun Miller & Karen Radzinski at


Your commitment to all of the following key events is crucial for the success of the program:

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Matching Event - Saturday, May 18th
First Group Meeting - Thursday, July 18th
Second Group Meeting - Thursday, September 19th
Graduation Event - Thursday, November 21st
1. How long have you been an ATD San Diego chapter member? *
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2. How long have you worked in the training industry? *
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3. Why did you choose training/performance improvement as a career? (If you are transitioning to this career, what are the main reasons of your decision?) *
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5. What challenges have you encountered in meeting your personal/professional career objectives? *
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