Stream Feedback
Hello!^^ Thanks for clicking this. Your response will help me a lot in improving my stream content and for everyone to have the best time while watching my stream. Please do answer seriously and honestly >.<
How old are you? (need to know what age bracket most my audiences are in) ;)
Do you watch live streams often? (in general)
What kind of streams do you usually watch?
What made you click and enter my stream?
Your answer
Which part of my stream did you find most entertaining? (IRL, live drawing, gaming, cosplay, etc)
Your answer
Which part did you find less interesting/boring?
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Do you like anime? If so, is there any character you suggest me to cosplay?
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Is there any particular video game you want to watch me play on my next stream?
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Any more suggestions, or comments for my stream, or any other ideas to make the stream more fun for you all?
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Once again thanks for taking the time to answer this survey. <3 Have a good one!
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