2018 MTC CIT Application
The MTC CIT Program is designed to train and transform our high school students into confident leaders and outstanding individuals - high standards held by the MYT staff.

The program runs during the first session of summer and is offered at no cost to accepted participants. During the session, CITs choreograph a dance, plan a game, and organize a craft, and help block the show. CITs are given "buddies" (campers) to help during the day and will work closely with a staff mentor. Applicants must be entering grades 9-12 and be an active member of the Meriden Youth Theatre. 8th graders may apply, but priority will be given to high school students. Space is limited. Prior participation does not guarantee a spot this year, nor will 2017 CITs be given an advantage over new applicants in the selection process.

Applications are due April 1st. Accepted students will be notified via email by April 28th.
Questions? Email Joe, CIT Program Director at joblon@meridenymca.org.

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Grade entering in the Fall *
Applicants must be in grade 8 or higher. Priority will be given to grades 9 and up.
Tell us about your favorite MYT memory or experience *
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What does MYT mean to you? *
How has MYT changed you as an individual? What have you learned? Provide us with some examples.
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Why do you want to be a MTC CIT? *
What is it you hope to learn or gain from this experience?
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CITs work with our younger campers. Give an example of when you taught or helped an elementary student. *
Have you ever helped someone younger at MYT? Baby sit? Volunteer at church? Etc.
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For past CITs only: Share one thorn and one rose from last summer.
Examples are always helpful!
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What do you want to learn most? *
If you could choose, which staff member would you pick to be your mentor? *
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