DePaul College Prep Course Selection Change Form
You may only use this form if you notice an error or problem with your child's course selections. For Example:
- Duplicate Class
- Physical Restrictions
- Wrong Level Class
- Missing Required Class
- Course already taken

Reasons for a course selection change include:
- Student is missing a graduation requirement
- Student is misplaced in a level
- Student does not have enough credits or has an open space in their schedule
- Electives may be changed based on availability within a student’s current schedule and based on availability within the class.

Requests for course selection changes will NOT be honored for the following reasons:
- Requests for specific teachers
- Requests for a specific lunch
- Requests for a class at a specific time of day
- Requests to move into a class that is at capacity
- Students cannot move up a level in a class midyear

• All schedule change requests should be initiated by the student.
• Students should submit schedule change requests using the online form.

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