Animal Crossing: New Leaf Badge & Island Tour Poll
Hey guys! What I'd really like to do before E3 is finish off my gold badges. The main reason is because if anything AC related is announced (or Style Savvy 3 or Disney Magical World 2), those are games I really want to put a lot of time in for and thus, I'd like to have ACNL and Happy Home Designer done before that.

This question will have various things involved with Badge Hunting, Touring, and also even give you a chance to play with me. Please answer all the questions honestly--This will help a lot.

Finally, when you get to the Island Tour section, this is what I mean by how would you want to play:
Helping me out even more - Like when I played a while back, everyone gave me the 3 point & 10 point Gems which essentially guaranteed me 25 Medals when playing with 4 people over as low as 15. Even if I get 25 medals everytime, it'll still be nearly 12 hours of playing at max. It'd be nearly 6 hours longer if I am getting the minimum eachtime.
Playing normally - Just play as normal. No dropping the higher point for me and we just have fun/whoever gets the most gets it. The former just means that I can spend less time on ACNL (as I can hopefully finish quicker/sooner) and also get to other games sooner.

Twitch Username. (If you don't have Twitch, just include a username for somewhere else and state where) *
Gamewisp Username (Essentially, my way to check if you're subscribed: )
What gold badge should I work towards first? *
What gold badge should I work towards second? *
What gold badge should I work towards third? *
What gold badge should I work towards last? *
How would you prefer to play Island Tours/watch them be played? (See the intro above for more information) *
Would you be willing to host at your own town? (My Island Tours do not change due to my date being permanently set so I will never have Ore Hunter and have to visit someone else's town to play) *
If you would like the chance to play Island Tours with me, please leave your friend code below. Mine is 3737-9519-1063 if you would like to add me in advance.
If you prefer playing the "Helping you out" way over as Normal, would you like a reward? *
And finally, should I use my microphone? Keep in mind I have not used it on stream before and do not know how it will sound/pick-up and may need to spend some time adjusting it. I also can't guarantee I will be able to use it the whole time (even if Yes wins), and I'm just getting over being sick. Also, it might pick up the AC. *
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