Here is your chance to nominate a teacher that you think should be Teacher of the Month at Central Middle School. Make sure you tell us WHY you're nominating this teacher, so we can share with the entire CMS family all the wonderful things he or she is doing inside and outside of his or her classroom. Students, parents/guardians, staff, and other teachers are all welcome to nominate! Please know, nominating begins on the first teaching day of each month and ends on the last teaching day of each month. Results will be announced the Monday following the last working day of the month (this announcement may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances). Good luck to each and every wonderful teacher at CMS!
My first and last name is (nominator): *
I am a (if you are more than one-please only choose one) *
and I think teacher of the month should be *
because... Be as specific as you can! For example, instead of saying " my teacher is a good teacher," say "she/he helps me when I have questions and will explain something to me until I understand it." You can also use our P.R.I.D.E. traits to explain why you believe the teacher is a good candidate. *
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