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• All Sharks4kids ambassadors are volunteers and dedicate their time because they are incredibly passionate about getting students involved with sharks, the ocean, and science. Many ambassadors have other jobs and/or school as well so please be respectful of their time as they have set aside time for your students. We try to Skype with as many students as possible. Therefore, once a Skype time has been confirmed, please place the date in your calendar. If you are unable to attend a confirmed Skype, please notify your Sharks4kids ambassador within 24 hours before the Skype. If a Skype is missed due to mis-scheduling on the requester’s end and a Sharks4kids ambassador is not notified, then we cannot guarantee a rescheduled session.
• Our Skype lessons are 30-40 minutes long and cover age appropriate topics and concepts.
(shark biology, how we learn about them, why they are important for the oceans and for us, what is happening to them and how kids can help). We also offer more specialized lessons upon request. (adaptations, shark science and tagging, shark filming...etc)
• Please be sure you have exchanged Skype contact names with your Sharks4kids
ambassador and are familiar with how to use Skype before your scheduled Skype. This includes any AV set-up necessary for your classroom.
• Along with Skype lessons, Sharks4Kids offers a wide range of educational materials to help bring shark education and conservation into the classroom. Our NEW website will be launching soon with FREE K-12 curriculum that meet Next Generation Science Standards.
• In order to keep our online education materials free, we have a suggested donation of $10.00 -$15.00 per session. This is not required, but is greatly appreciated. We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit and rely heavily on donations to fund our education and outreach programs. Donations can be made on the website via PayPal

Again, thank you for your interest in our Skype lessons. We look forward to speaking with your students and creating the next generation of shark advocates.
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