ChangeUP Application
Thank-you for taking the time to apply to ChangeUP to be held at the Okanagan Centre for Innovation Theatre, February 28, 2019. Selected applicants will be chosen to pitch their social enterprise to a live audience and will have the opportunity to win one of two spots in Purppl's six month Scale Up Social enterprise acceleration program.

The application deadline is Friday, January 25, 2019. You will be notified by Monday, February 4th if you have been selected by the panel for a spot on stage. You will be expected to attend a coaching session on the afternoon of Feb 19, 21, or 22. You must be available on one of those days with a completed draft of your presentation deck. A template for your presentation will be provided.

If you have any questions, please email Amanda Loewen at

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ChangeUP 2019 - Details and Evaluation Criteria
ChangeUP is a pitch style event for social enterprises to share their stories and solutions for some of the toughest community, social, and environmental challenges. It’s proudly presented by Purppl and Valley First.

Six social enterprises will have an opportunity to present on stage, share their story and ask for help from 130 community members. In addition, two of those social enterprises will be selected to receive a highly subsidized spot on Purppl’s Scale Up social enterprise acceleration program.

A social enterprise is an organization that sells goods or services to help achieve community, social, or environmental initiatives. It can be for-profit, not-for-profit, or a hybrid, but a majority of the profits must be directed to achieving social objectives. For-profit, non-profit, coop, and hybrid models are welcome and encouraged to apply.

Ideal application criteria and evaluation considerations:

Social Impact: Demonstrate measurable ways you create change, solutions, and outcomes for a clearly articulated community, social, or environmental issue. Demonstrate your local impact. Some measurable traction is essential - demonstrate how your product or service is already (or very close to it) making a measurable difference.

Sustainability: Demonstrate your ability to generate revenue (not grants and donations). Clearly articulate that you have resources, capacity and commitment to consistently deliver the solution. Improve sustainability compared to current status quo. Some measurable traction is essential - revenue, customers, parters, product / service built, etc.

Team: Ideas often fail because of poor leadership. Demonstrate strong team, relevant experience, and supportive advisors and/or partners. Also consider the team outside of your organization; demonstrate how you collaborate with others.

Innovation: Demonstrate how you address an old problem in a new (effective) way. Show how your solution works today, tomorrow, and in the future. Demonstrate the power of your innovation and demonstrate its scalable impact.

Presentation: Tell a clear story. Connect to the emotional side of your social issue as well as the rational side of a sustainable solution.

Selected social enterprises will have the opportunity to earn one of two subsidized spots in Purppl's six-month acceleration program. Valley First’s sponsorship of ChangeUP helps to significantly subsidize participation in the program and reduces the cost by about 85%. The two social enterprises selected at ChangeUP must be able to commit $250 / month for the six month program.

The acceleration program is for social entrepreneurs who need support to grow and scale sustainable business models to help solve tough community, social, and environmental challenges. This six month program provides lean startup tools, operational accountability, and ongoing strategic mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs. Each social enterprise will be paired with experienced social entrepreneurs-in-residence who meet with you bi-weekly for a period of six months. The program focuses on supporting challenges like business model analysis, impact model exploration, operational accountability, and revenue development.

Questions? Please connect with Amanda (

Application Guidelines
Keep it brief.

The application is meant to cover a comprehensive set of questions - we expect concise answers but please do give us enough detail to enable the committee to make educated decisions.

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Impact Questions
What do you provide? Is it a product / service? Please describe what you sell. *
Who is your customer and what do they want from you? How do you make money (not grants or donations)? Your customer may be different from the people who benefit from your organization. How big is your market? *
Who benefits from your social enterprise? Who is the beneficiary? How do they benefit? What problem(s) are you solving? *
How do you measure your impact? What impact have you already made? How do you demonstrate that impact? How do you measure success? Think about your social impact metrics as well as your business metrics. Please be sure to demonstrate what impact / traction has already been achieved. *
Operational Questions
How do you reach your customers? And your beneficiaries (if they are different)? What channels do you use to reach them? *
Who are your competitors? *
What activities do you have to complete in order to deliver value? What resources are needed to deliver those activities (people, equipment, finance, access, etc)? *
What partners do you / could you work with? What does collaboration look like? How do they help you? How do you help them? What outcomes have been created from collaboration? *
Revenue - Please break down your major revenue sources by approximate value and percentage of total. Include sales revenue (from customers) as well as grant / donor revenue. How do you plan to become more financially sustainable? What sort of growth do you expect? *
What is your pricing model? *
Costs - Please break down your major cost items. What is driving your cost structure? How does that change as you grow? *
What investments have been made into your social enterprise? How will you access more money to invest in the growth of your social enterprise? *
What do you do with surplus profit? How do you ensure that community and impact are prioritized over personal financial gain? *
Please include a short description of your leadership team. *
Number of full-time employees or full-time equivalents. *
Outcome Questions
What will your organization look like in three to five years? *
How do you ensure that your community and mission come before individual financial gain? *
What outcomes or achievement have you delivered that you would like to share more broadly? What are some of your best successes? *
What have been some of the hardest lessons to learn as a social enterprise? *
Why did you start or join this social enterprise? *
Other than money, what are the main challenges in your social enterprise? What do you need help with? What would you want to achieve by participating in ChangeUP and Purppl's acceleration program? *
Are you prepared to make a six month commitment to join a structured acceleration program for social entrepreneurs? This will require bi-weekly meetings. Other than you, who else from your team would be the best to join in those meetings? The program cost is 85% subsidized - can you pay the remaining $250 / month? *
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