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Sharpen your leadership skills. Grow confidence to create change. Engage and improve your neighborhood, your organization, your city, your region. Coro training is for everyone, from high school students to executives.

Below are various Coro Programs available to a wide range of audiences.

The purpose of this document is for you to submit an interest form to one (or more) of our programs. A Coro staff person will get back to you with more information once you have completed the interest form.

Coro Programs:

Activating Civic Engagement
- Exploring Leadership Youth Fellowship (High School/Summer/Civic Engagement)
- Fellows Program in Public Affairs (Adults/9-months/Public Affairs)
- Resilient San Francisco (Adults/new citywide civic engagement program)

Neighborhood-Based Programs
- San Francisco District 7 Youth Fellowship (8th - 12th grade/school-year/Civic Engagement)
- San Francisco District 8 Youth Fellowship (8th - 12th grade/school-year/Civic Engagement)
- San Francisco District 11 Neighborhood Leadership Academy (Adults/4-months/Neighborhood Resilience and San Francisco Processes)

Fueling Equity-Centered Leadership
- UC Women's Initiative for Professional Development (Women-identified UC Employees/4-months/Professional Development)
- Women In Leadership (Women-identified/4-months/Professional Development)

Catalyzing Issue-Based Networks
- Human Trafficking Leadership Academy (Survivor Leaders and Ally Professionals/5-months/Prevention of Human Trafficking)
- Water Solutions Network (State-wide leaders working in water/9-months/Equitable Water Management)

Strengthening Cultures of Collaboration
- San Francisco Federal Executive Board (Bay Area Federal Employee/10-months/Leadership Development)
- UC-Coro Systemwide Leadership Collaborative (UC Employees/10-months/Professional Development)

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