Self Inquiry Questionnaire-Emotional Health Coaching with Diana Deaver
This form's questions reveal personality and behaviour traits that can help you know how you relate to others, what your emotional needs are and what your natural skills and inclinations are.
Which of these do you identify with the most? Check at least one and all that apply. *
Are you an introvert or an extrovert? *
Do you more often rely on your senses or your intuition? *
How do you make most of your decisions? *
How do you approach life in general? *
What is likely to make you feel most loved? Choose the one that you couldn't do without. *
How do you feel in intimate relationships: *
Which of these would you say are your strengths? *
If Money Were No Longer Necessary For You To Survive, What Would You Do With Your Days? *
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What are the qualities you most appreciate in other people you admire? *
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What are some qualities you most despise in other people who annoy you? *
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How much stress are you in every day? *
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Is most of this stress coming from internal or external sources? *
How do you meet your needs? *
What is your approach to failure and mistakes? *
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I hope you had fun learning more about yourself!
If you'd like to go in depth about what your answers say about you and how they can help you live a happier life please email Emotional Health Coach Diana Deaver to schedule a one on one talk about your answers.
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