Yearbook Club Application 2018-2019 Due Sept. 20 - announced 21st
Yearbook Club is NOT a weekly club. The Art team will meet the 1st Weds. of Oct-Apr. The Layout members will meet on a Weds. depending on when your page is due (i.e. Sports Day the end of March, Veteran's Day in December, Class Pages in January) If you are selected Ms. Jarriel will give you a schedule of times to meet.

Fill out the following form. We only have room for 3-4th grade art team members & 3-4th grade layout members, 10-5th graders for layout & 8-5th graders for art. 2 friends can work together to do layout. EVERYONE who is interested needs to apply - even those who were on yearbook club last year! YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE REVIEWED BY SEVERAL TEACHERS if there are too many applicants, so make sure your answer for why you should be selected is well thought out - this is how you will be chosen!

******IMPORTANT!!!! - This is NOT a weekly club! You will be assigned days to come work and you may only work 3-4 days the entire year.

The art team works on the cover, the inside page, clipart, and typography(lettering). We need fun and creative people in this group and people who are willing to do some work at home.

The layout people get to choose the best photos from each event, choose which ones will be used, and places them on the page.

No photographers needed at this time.

If you are interested in creating videos using photographs and video clips taken throughout the year, we'd love to have your work but you must WORK AT HOME. This means you must have the software to do it and must be responsible enough to do the work and turn it in. I know there are kids out there that make awesome movies!

NEW THIS YEAR!!!! Anyone who buys a yearbook will get to design 2 pages of their own, at home! That means essentially ANYONE can be on the yearbook committee!

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