Abalone Council Victoria - Diver Survey
This information is being collected on a voluntary basis, by the Abalone Council Victoria Inc.,
to help inform the stock assessment workshops.

User Guide:

• Please complete this survey on the same day that diving took place or ASAP.

• You may submit a survey on the same reef multiple times during the season.

• Rotate your device to landscape position and scroll across or down as required to display all
response options.

• You will be asked to make comparisons to last year and three years ago.

• We would like answers that reflect the whole of the reef code.

• If you did not dive the reef last year/three years ago or you are undecided, respond with
“Not Sure”.

• We encourage you to add extra comments about the whole reef code or specific parts of
the reef code in the observations section at question 8.

Privacy Statement:

Only the systems administrator and Industry EO has access to individual responses. No other individual will have access to your data, other than in an anonymised form. No government agency, peak body, industry association or industry members will have access to your personalized data. Only aggregated and summarized data of responses for each Grid # will be presented and used for the annual TACC-setting workshops for each Zone. The administrator and Industry EO will strictly treat your responses as confidential. No information on any diver will be reported in a way that would allow them to be identified in public, or to any third party. Only aggregate (fishery-level) data will be reported. Any comments you choose to add will be made anonymous.

Individual survey responses may be validated against catch book data and/or GPS logger data so that the integrity of the survey data is maintained. Your consent to participate is implied by your completion and submission of this survey.

If you have any questions, contact Support on Ph: 0409 580 782.


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