Talking Maths in Public 2019 - Exemplar Workshops submission form
During the TMiP conference, we'll have an opportunity for a small number of presenters to showcase one of their maths outreach workshops - it can be aimed at any audience/ability level. We'd like to show off the kinds of things people are doing in maths outreach, and give the opportunity for the workshop participants to provide feedback to help you improve the workshop.

You'll need to provide materials for the participants, and set up for the workshop during the half-hour break beforehand, or use some of the previous session (a panel discussion on YouTube videos) if you need longer. We'll split the conference attendees between the workshops, and you should aim to run it as you would with its intended audience, although you may include an introduction to put it in context, and take questions afterwards.

Your session should aim to last about 45 mins, and leave time for questions and feedback within the 1 hour slot.

We will have a very limited number of spaces available for these sessions, and will aim to select a cross-section of different kinds of activity for the showcase. Applications for workshops will close at noon on 1st July, and those speaking will be notified within a week of that date.

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