World's Largest Swimming Lesson at UVAC June 20, 2019
Swimming Saves Lives! Join this annual global event... we are seeking to promote the importance of teaching children and adults to swim!
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This form can be filled out by a Group Administrator; a Parent of Children; or an Adult/Young Adult Participant 14 yrs - 99 yrs. ***All participants under the age of 14 years must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 14 during this event.
The swim lessons offered will focus on safety skills and are introductory in nature. I am registering as: *
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If registering more than 5 children, please finish and submit this form, then refresh the link and start a new registration form...Thank you!
Please select your session time! Should your session request be sold out, you will be registered for the next available time slot and notified!
Guest Waiver:
As a Parent -or- Adult Participant, by signing below: I agree that I fully understand that there is risk involved when using the facility at the Upper Valley Aquatic Center. I accept full responsibility for the use of any and all apparatus, facility privilege or service whatsoever; owned and operated by this center at my own risk and shall hold the Upper Valley Aquatic Center, its directors, employees, representatives and agents harmless for any and all loss, claim, injury, damage, or liability obtained or incurred by myself or my family members participating. OR: As a GROUP ADMINISTRATOR, I fully understand that I must bring a signed parent waiver for each child participating in this event on the day of. *
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