The Women's Camino Retreat: April 22-29 2020
The Camino de Santiago is a long hike or ancient pilgrimage route across Northern Spain. For centuries, the pilgrimage has been a place where people of all faiths come to contemplate, walk, talk to the Creator, walk some more and enjoy the simplicity the camino invites. The Cathedral of Santiago de Compestela, where St. James the apostle is believed to have been buried, is the definitive culmination of all Camino routes. Camino means walk, but it also translates The Way. Meaning He is the Way and will provide a way. In reality there are many routes and ONE WAY! Traditionally the pilgrimage started when you walked out your front door. This tradition requires tweaking for the majority of pilgrims today coming from around the world. As the saying goes - "tu camino es tu camino". Your walk is your walk - meaning we are all on our own journey, precisely where we are meant to be. Yet we do not journey alone!

The Camino de Santiago has been chosen for a week long retreat for a number of reasons. The primary reason being a powerful and unique integrative experience connecting our bodies, our minds and our hearts. When we intentionally invite our bodies to join or rather lead the way, we are welcoming a deeper and richer experience. When our bodies lead, we begin to pay attention to our limitations in life, not just for a week but also for a lifetime. In this space, we begin to find our more authentic and sustainable self attended to in self-care in a different ready posture for the rest of the world's requests of us as we exit and embark on our life-long journeys.

The route chosen for our purpose is the Northern route for breath-taking beauty and typically less pilgrims. This route starts on the French/Spanish border in Irun and if done in total lasts for approximately five weeks culminating in Santiago de Compestela, Spain - hence the name the Camino de Santiago. However we will be embarking on only one portion of it for one week of walking. The guided portion of the northern route for our time will likely begin just outside of SANTANDER to CUERRES - April 22-29 2020**.

*The Northern route is known as the more strenuous route and requires intentional training.
**Exact route and overnights will be determined based on the number of participants

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The Spectacular Northern Route
What you get:
LENGTH: 6 nights; 5 days of walking 1 day of rest.

DISTANCE: 100-120 kilometers total (62-75 miles)

ACCOMMODATION: Hotels, Guest Houses, and Hostels (every effort is made to book ahead double accommodation with private bathroom, although this is not guaranteed.) Because this is an intentional transition journey, albergues (pilgrim hostels set-aside specifically for people on the camino) are not scheduled to be a part of our staying. We value good sleep too much! ;)

We start our day by individually grabbing a snack or breakfast, gathering our belongings and altogether checking out of our accommodations. With a quick morning stretch and re-group we determine our meet-up destination after several hours of silent walking. This time affords you the gift of connecting with the Lord in nature through song, silence or long wandering prayer. Each individual is welcome to stop as needed for their own break, a picture, a quiet time, a snack, an opportunity to take in your surroundings, etc. The morning offers a together yet separate experience.

After stopping for breakfast, we check in and continue on the route. Some will choose silence while others choose the engagement with community (both ours and other pilgrims). The end time of the “walking day” is often motivated by heat, body limitations, and food (siesta and lunch are typically finished by 4pm in Spain). The length of the walk varies from one day to the next depending primarily on accommodation. Walking can take anywhere between 5-9 hours every day. Because of different pace and stride, we won't all walk together the entire time, however some may choose a companion for encouragement. That is what the guides are available for as well as listening, processing and coaching along the way. After checking in, the remainder of the afternoon is open for your own personal processing, washing laundry, napping, buying food, sightseeing, journaling, etc. A short debriefing time will take place over dinner.

CONTENT: There is an intentional theme and corresponding verses chosen for reflection each day to utilize while you are walking. This can help you focus your thoughts as well creates a unifying element to discuss in our debrief. That said, however, the Camino is like a long wandering prayer. This is sacred space to discuss with the Lord your adoration, burdens, praises, and lament. As well, there will be a day off where holistic transition resources will be offered as optional exercises.
MEALS: Typically people eat a small breakfast in the morning, grab a snack along the walk and eat a big lunch at siesta or upon arriving at their destination. Cooking together for dinner or finding local tapas is also quite common. For this reason the price listed is NOT inclusive of meals as every person will want to choose what sustains them individually. I typically budget €25/day for all meals on the northern route.

Early bird discount of €599 (if booked by October 1); Final deadline March 1 - €650
*Booked accommodation in hotels, hostels, or guest homes
*Guided Journey
*Complete itinerary & map of the route
*Transition Journey Guide,
*Coaching along the way
*Daily group debriefing
*Camino Passport
*Packing List
*Training plan
*Weekly walking accountability
*Community along on the journey

-Meals (although a light breakfast may be included with accommodation - plan for ~€25/day)
-Transportation including airfare, train or bus if needed to get to starting point (traveling within Spain ~€100) OVD Oviedo or SAN Santander are the closest airports for this route.
-Luggage transport between stages (if desired)
-Trip Insurance

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