Divine Feminine

You are invited to join in the Escazú Christian Fellowship Women's Retreat

DESCRIPTION: Ruth Mooney leads our study, "The Divine Feminine" based off the book by Virginia Ramey Mollenkott. How can we as humans understand the mystery and complexity of who God is? The Bible offers us a wealth of images of God, trying to help us understand through human metaphors the nature and characteristics of God. We will explore some of the images that connect us as women to the Divine Reality.

DATES and TIMES: Friday, November 10th, with check-in starting at 4:00 p.m. and dinner at 6:00 p.m. through late Sunday morning (11:00 a.m.)

WHERE: Centro Pastoral El Redil in San Ramon de Tres Rios

COST: 50,000 colones per person

Let us know more by filling in the survey below so your retreat can be wonderful.

* clothing for humid cool weather
* personal toiletries and bath towel
* a sweater/jacket - evening this time of year can get chilly
* personal water bottle
* snack to share (sweet or salty)
* Bible
* Pen for noting thoughts in your booklet

* yoga clothing and yoga mat / blanket to sit out in the garden (resistant to moisture)
* sun hat
* an extra pair of shoes

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We ask each person donate 50,000 Colones to cover costs associated with this event. Please let us know if you need financial assistance or if you can donate additional funds to help another women in need. *
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