The End of the Line - weekend workshop 7 - 8 Nov
Register here for the weekend workshop on 7 - 8th November as part of the End of the Line series of events

You can see more about Grief Tending in Community and our on going workshop programme at

Please complete all sections of this form. It helps us to know a bit about what you're aware of bringing.
We also want to be sure that this workshop is appropriate for you, for your own safety and well being.The agreement at the end is our way of making clear what the Grief tending team, and you as a participant, each are responsible for.

Feel free to contact Alison for questions about booking - email or phone 07415 057988
If you have questions about the workshop content and whether it's suitable for you contact Sophy at
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Please say a bit about your relationship to grief and any spaces you've been in where you've shared grief with others (friends, community, family, therapist, workshop, ceremony, other..)
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This workshop is offered from a place of love, integrity and an understanding of the importance of sharing our grief as part of the healing of individuals, relationships and our world.
In it we will offer teachings and practices that help grief to flow in ways that many have found to be strengthening and supportive. If something is stirred up that needs attention beyond the workshop we can usually help with suggestions of places to find further support.

We want the work to be available to those who can benefit from it, and acknowledge that it's not helpful for everyone, and that for some there are times when we don't have the ground or holding to stir our grief further, and need to pay attention to resourcing and supporting ourselves first.
In this workshop we will take time to get to know each other, to share practices that help us explore, express and witness each other's grief related to childlessness including the opportunity to create a ceremony for one aspect of our journey. We will take time to integrate and orient to coming back to our lives on the Sunday.

We encourage you to take time to listen to what is moving in you once you have signed up - sometimes there are layers that call for attention in the time before coming into a potentially deep space such as this.
Creating space to listen might include calling on an inner practice (meditation, prayer, yoga, self care etc), reflective time in nature or with animals, something creative (such as journalling or drawing), support groups, music, movement or dance, and many more things.
We see that it's important that we feel resourced and supported in order to touch places that are deeply painful and come back in a good way. We ask all participants to take responsibility to putting in place adequate support. This should include at least a one to one conversation or check-in with a supportive person both before and after the event.

Your agreement to this is part of our requirement for you joining the workshop. If you're not sure about whether this workshop is suitable for you at this time, for this or any other reason, do please be in touch with me (Sophy) beforehand by emailing
I have read the Agreement above and I take responsibility for ensuring I have adequate support in place before and after the workshop. This includes having a check-in with a supportive person before and after the workshop. *
The workshop costs is £95 - £175 on a sliding scale - it's fine to pay any amount on this scale. If this is unaffordable please be in touch about a bursary place. Use the link below to make payment
Amount I am paying *
Thank you. We look forward to being with you.
Feel free to contact Alison if you have any queries - email or phone 07415 057988
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