Paid Internship for College Juniors and Seniors
Applications will be opened until all positions are filled.

Washington Business Week’s College Mentorship Program offers leadership development training to Juniors and Seniors through the college mentorship experience. Universities, colleges, and trade schools have seen first-hand the valuable skill sets their Junior and Seniors have gained in just one week of collaborative, discovery learning.

As a mentor, Juniors and Seniors will gain valuable management insights, expand their industry knowledge, grow leadership capacity, and ultimately explore career opportunities as they work alongside volunteers from leading industry giants such as Microsoft and Boeing. Serving as a mentor is not only rewarding for the high school youth being mentored, but it is also a great leadership development experience for Juniors and Seniors in college as they prepare to enter the workforce.

At Washington Business Week, high school students learn crucial life skills as they role-play as industry professionals, launch a company, and solve real-world challenges, all guided by you—the college mentor.

In just one week, college mentors learn to coach, influence, delegate, empower, and sharpen leadership skills in a way that our participants describe as life changing. Guide students to work as a team, run a company, and make real-world decisions. You learn firsthand how to lead a diverse team to success. It is a hand-on leadership program like no other.

The Summer Sessions will include the following industry focuses:
• Business
• Advanced Business
• Telehealth/Healthcare
• Clean Energy

This a paid internship opportunity for qualifying U.S. citizen student applicants. Paid interns will earn $300 for the week of work plus invaluable leadership skills. International students who are not U.S. residents are welcome to gain experience and intern with WBW as an unpaid internship.

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