Codeheat: In the Heat of the Code with FOSSASIA
Please read the below information carefully to understand how to participate in the contest and then fill out the questions on the bottom to join.
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A coding contest for FOSSASIA projects
All FOSSASIA and loklak repositories are eligible for participation. Our focus are:

1. Open Event/ project
3. Phimpme Android,
4. PSLab,
5. Meilix Linux Distribution,
6. Susper,
7. Yaydoc Documentation Generator,
8. SUSI Magic Mirror,
9. Badgeyay,

The contest runs from 10th September until 1st February 2019. You can win many prizes and everyone who gets five pull requests merged during the contest period will receive a digital certificate of participation from the FOSSASIA organization. Developers with 10 merged PRs or more will receive a Tshirt or other cool items from FOSSASIA (if postal distribution is feasible).

Out of the top ten contributors in the contest three grand prize winners will be chosen by the jury. The grand prize winners will receive 600 SGD in travel support and a free speaker's ticket to the FOSSASIA Summit in Singapore from March 14-17. Plus, they will have the chance to present their work at the event. Other finalists will receive a 100 SGD travel voucher for a conference of their choice (please provide blog post) and a free ticket for the FOSSASIA summit, if they can attend.

The contest website is:

What is the flow in the contest?
STEP 1: At first developers look through the FOSSASIA projects and get acquainted with it by reading the Best Practices ( They also join FOSSASIA channels as follows:
* Signup for the FOSSASIA Newsletter,
* Star and fork repositories you are interested in on GitHub,
* Join the FOSSASIA Chat on Gitter,
* Follow FOSSASIA on Twitter ( and the Codeheat Twitter account (
* Like FOSSASIA on Facebook,
* Join the FOSSASIA Group on Linkedin,
* Follow the FOSSASIA Linkedin Page,
* Subscribe to the FOSSASIA YouTube Channel,

STEP 2: Then developers sign up on this form to participate. Developers will receive an invite to the FOSSASIA GitHub within a week (usually earlier). All developers should then make their participation public by showing their membership as “public” in their GitHub profile.

STEP 3: Developers actively contribute code, submit blog posts, screencasts and organize outreach events.
* Each developer then searches for issues that interests him/her and claims ownership of a particular issue. The developers work on the issues and if there are questions asks on the chat channel of the project.
* Once finished, the developers makes a pull request from his/her own forked repository to the development branch of the project and submit their work for review.
* Pull requests need to pass Travis builds, code CI tests and ensure migrations work.
* Mentors and core-developers from the organization evaluate the work submitted.
* After the pull request has been merged developers can claim another issue to work on if they wish.
* Developers also submit blog posts, meet new developers in outreach events and provide screencasts

STEP 4: Final Evaluations will take place at the end of the contest. Results of winners will be announce on February 5, 2018.

A detailed timeline and more details at

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