In the Heat of the Code with FOSSASIA
Please read the below information carefully to understand how to participate in the contest and then fill out the questions on the bottom to join.
A coding contest for three projects of FOSSASIA
1. The Open Event Orga Server,
2. The AskSusi repositories in the FOSSASIA organization and,
3. The loklak repositories of the org.
The contest will run until 3rd February 2017. Grand prize winners will be invited to present their work at the FOSSASIA OpenTechSummit at the Science Centre Singapore from March 17th -19th 2017 and will get up to 450 USD in travel funding to attend, plus a free speaker ticket. Our jury will choose three winners from the top 10 contributors according to code quality and relevance of commits for the project.
What is the flow in the contest?
* At first developers sign up on this form to participate.
* Then they request to be added to the FOSSASIA Code Heat team on GitHub via the mailing list ( or on our Slack channel (
* Each developer then searches for issues that interests him/her and claims ownership of a particular issue. The developers work on the issues and if there are questions asks on the chat channel of the project. The main channel for decision making is however the GitHub issue itself.
* Once finished, the developers makes a pull request from his/her own forked repository to the development branch of the project and submit their work for review.
* Pull requests need to pass Travis builds, code CI tests and ensure migrations work.
* Mentors and core-developers from the organization evaluate the work submitted. If the work is accepted, the developer earns 1 point for each accepted pull request and 1 point if they close an issue. So you could earn two points if you close an issue with a pull requests. [Please Note: Sometimes developers try to “beat the system” by submitting lots of small improvements as pull requests. Please consider that the jury is mainly interested in the substantiality and quality of code contributions and the sheer number is not the main criteria.]
* After the pull request has been merged developers can claim another issue to work on if they wish.
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