Application Form for the Youth Exchange Project "Migration Perspectives"
The project “MIGRATION PERSPECTIVES” will take place on 13-21 of May 2019, in the town of Skala which is located in the region of Laconia in Peloponnese - Greece.

The project, based on a series of interactive activities on the migration/refugee issue, discrimination, stereotypes, prejudices, intercultural dialogue and understanding, will gather in total 53 participants coming from 10 different countries (Greece, Cyprus, Estonia, Portugal, Slovakia, Turkey, Italy, Croatia, Lithuania and Poland).

The Youth Exchange entitled "Migration Perspectives" aims to contribute to the social integration of migrants/refugees and to address the possible prejudices and stereotypes that young people have towards this particular social group.
More specifically, it aims to:
-Increase awareness and understanding of young people about the migration/refugee issue;
-Moderate the negative stereotypes of young people and contribute to mutual understanding between young people from different cultural backgrounds;
-Contribute to the change of attitudes towards the different and to the establishment of positive and constructive relations;
-Develop young people's ability to interfere and express their opposition when behaviors of prejudice or discrimination against individuals and groups occur;
-Facilitate the exchange of views among young people from different countries, promoting mutual understanding and cooperation.

The exchange will be based on non-formal learning methods with particular emphasis on experiential and peer learning that will come as a result of the participants’ interaction. Young people will be actively involved in all the activities and will contribute to their realization with their ideas and creativity.

By applying, I declare that I have read thoroughly the Info-Pack of the project.
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