Pathways HUB Community Health Worker Training Application
Training location: 2474 N 37th St. Milwaukee, WI 53210
In-person training dates: First week - Monday, September 10th - Friday, September 14th, 2018. Second week - Monday, October 29th - Friday, November 2nd, 2018 ( 6-weeks of practicum and homework to take place between the two in-person training weeks)
Contact UniteMKE: 414-435-0506

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Complete all components of Care Coordination Systems program that focuses on building care coordination knowledge and skills through in-class sessions and on-the-job practicum experience.
Basic competencies presented in the program are derived the Pathways Community HUB Model, the National Community Health Worker Study/C3 Consensus Project, and the Alaskan Community Health Aide model. The program brings the expertise of over thirty years of working with community care coordinators in diverse settings.

The program is delivered both in-person, online, and at a community-based agency:

COMPONENT ONE: Community Care Coordination I – Ten days of classroom instruction and group activities to build competency in health knowledge, care coordination, relational skills, coaching skills, community outreach, and basic organizational skills, with integrated care coordination software training. The training consists of one week in-person training, six weeks of field experience, and then a second week of in-person training. You must attend all in-person training hours.

Online E-Lessons accessed at training website covers the human life span with a focus on physical, cognitive, mental & social development from a CHW perspective. (This requirement is waived if you can provide a transcript demonstrating completion of a college level human growth and development course)

Assignments: Average of 4-5 hours weekly for Healthy Me/Know your Numbers assignment, client visit, and online coursework.

COMPONENT TWO: Community-Based Practicum – A minimum of 130 hours over six weeks to be completed through the trainee’s agency to enhance care coordination experience. Student evaluation based on self-assessment and site and instructor supervision.

Assignments: Average of 1-2 hours a week to complete weekly Task/Time Logs, Reports, and Self-Evaluations.

COMPONENT THREE: CPR certification and HIPAA certification (waived if documentation of completion is provided).

COMPLETE ALL TRAINING COMPONENTS with a minimum competency level of 75% is to meet program standards for the CHW Certificate.

SUPERVISORS: Supervisors are invited to attend all in-person sessions. Supervisors MUST attend four hour orientation, provide practicum supervision, and provide CHW assessment.

This training is made possible through a partnership of UniteMKE, United Voices CHW Collaborative of WI, and Care Coordination System.

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