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Thank you for considering a Fellowship with CVCA! Please complete this registration form.
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I, the Parent, understand that all courses are taught from a Christian Perspective and that I am required to sign a statement of faith before registering my student for classes. *
I understand that if I am with a charter school, it is my responsibility to communicate about any CVCA courses taken with my charter school. *
I understand that I need to pay the teacher of any class taken at the beginning of each month. I understand that I cannot pay for these classes with charter school funds. *
I understand that the registration fee of $50 is paid directly to Citrus Valley Christian Academy and is non refundable. *
I understand that a Fellowship is for one year only. At any time if my student violates school behavior policy or teacher policy, or if I do not pay on time, my student can be removed from the Fellowship program. *
I understand that CVCA High School courses may not be approved by a Charter School. They can be used on my personal transcripts if I have filed a PSA, or on CVCA transcripts if I enroll at a later date. *
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