Commercial Stalls Applications 2018
Please note: this year we are doing things a little differently, we will only require payment once you have been accepted. An email will be sent before the deadline of 31st of January either accepting or denying your application. Please read the terms and conditions located on the website before filling in this application. We will require a cheque or BACS payment within 2 weeks of your acceptance email unless you have spoken to and had other arrangements approved by the stalls team. The email will also state the amount needed. We will also require a copy of your PLI within one month of your acceptance. Please feel free along with your application to send photos of the items you are selling which may be chosen to help publicise you on Facebook and Twitter. We are also still waiting to hear about any redevelopment work taking place in the Pump Room Gardens and so are therefore unsure of any changes to the site plan. Any requests and locations given last year may no longer be possible but we will proactively work to keep you informed and try to honour any request.
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Which stall do you require? Please note: any stall size must also include space to keep your vehicle if you are wishing for it to remain on site with you, otherwise you will be responsible for finding parking offsite. *
As well as your stall cost your must also pay 10% of your profit at the end of the event and 12% if you are a food stall. Do you agree to do so? *
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Please note: we will not accept stalls selling the following items: anything non vegetarian, alcohol, toy weapons, excessive packaging, anything with coral, unsustainable or non renewable resources. Please confirm you will not bring these items to sell? *
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Thank you for wanting to take part in the 40th year of the Leamington Peace Festival. We will be in contact after the before the deadline of the 31st of January to accept or reject your application. In the mean time, please direct any enquiry to Thank you
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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