District 35 Communications Survey
Our District has reaffirmed its commitment to enhancing our communications and community outreach efforts. This supports our strategic priorities of deepening inclusion and nurturing the whole child as we acknowledge that a student’s attitude and beliefs toward school begin in the home.

Please complete this 5-minute survey to inform our district-level communications planning efforts for the 2023-24 school year. 

1. My child/children attend. . . (check all that apply)

2. Do you refer to our monthly Insights emails for news regarding the Board of Education, its monthly meetings, curricular highlights, and information regarding community partnerships?

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3. Do you refer to our Glencoe District 35 Weekly News emails for information regarding upcoming events, curricular projects, activities of distinction, or community events?
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4. The Glencoe District 35 Weekly News email is sent on Monday after 12 p.m. What are your feelings about the date and time of delivery?

5. If you prefer to receive the weekly newsletter at another date or time, when do you prefer and why?
6. What information in the Glencoe District 35 Weekly News do you find most valuable? Check all that apply.
7. Are there other topics in the weekly newsletter that you’d like to see addressed in greater detail? Please explain.

8. On which type of device do you typically access the weekly newsletter? Check all that apply.

9. For each of the situations listed below, what is the most efficient and effective communication channel for you? Please scroll across.

Email is the most efficient way for me to receive communications.
Text is the most efficient way for me to receive communications.
Notification via mobile app (School Rush) alerts are the most efficient way for me to receive communications.
Standard voice calls are the most efficient way for me to receive communications.
A combination of the above represent my preferred methods of communication.
Dates and times of events
Safety and security updates
Upcoming parent events
Reminders about unique school days that require special preparation
Facilities updates
School highlights and photos
Bus or transportation updates
10. District 35 will soon unveil a revised version of the District website. What information do you believe should be prioritized for quick accessibility? Please check all that apply.

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