SES Middle School Mini Classes: Dec 18 & 19 2019
For many years it has been a tradition in the SES middle school to invite parents, guardians and community members to teach mini-classes. This is a time when we draw on the expertise and interests of our school community to teach an enrichment course to our middle school students who are excited and passionate about the topic. We've had parents from all grade levels offer to teach courses. Some examples of past classes are: woodworking, sewing, computer programming, trail running, history of radio, purse/wallet making, poetry, watercolor, yoga, chess and card games and movie making.

This year our mini-classes will take place on two days: Wednesday, December 18 from 12:05-3:15 and Thursday, December 19, from 9:30am-2:55pm, with a lunch break from 11:30am-12pm (including clean up!).

We look forward to providing our students with a range of offerings to choose from. If you are available, but undecided on what class to teach, we can help. If you have a class in mind, we look forward to learning what your class will be. We are happy to welcome you in whatever capacity your busy life allows.

Please respond to this form to confirm your interest. If you have any other questions, please email Kieran Cannistra at
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If you are available but undecided as to what class to teach, we can brainstorm with you. Just write "Help!" below, and someone will contact you and talk through some options.
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