2018 FLL Jr Adult Volunteer Application
We ask that at least one family member apply to help as a volunteer. We encourage anyone who is interested in volunteering to apply. That includes aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. Thank you for your support!
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Volunteer Roles
Due to the needs of our large program, each family is required to volunteer in some capacity. Here is a brief description of each role so you can determine where you would best be suited.

Co-Coach: Each team has at least 2 coaches. The coaches work as partners to provide structure and guidance, encourage the kids, reflect the core values of the program, and get the kids prepared for their showcase event.

Team Mentor: Each team requires at least 1 mentor. Mentors commit to attending at least 8 meetings as a coach support person. Additionally, mentors can help with technical skills, teaching core values, planning team field trips, or any other task the coaches need support with.

Program Supporters: We have program-level support needs such as event planning, t-shirt distribution, fundraising, field trip organizing, etc. These tasks would be performed outside of the team meeting times.

COACHES/MENTORS: You are required to attend a FLL Jr coach/mentor training workshop. Please check our website for details. Registration for our May 12 workshop will close on May 9. We will host only one makeup so we recommend that all potential coaches and mentors attend.

Rank your interest level
Please consider being a coach! They are vital to the program!

We want to place our volunteers at the level they feel most comfortable so let us know your preference. If you indicate coach as your 2nd or 3rd choice, we will only ask you to coach if we are having difficulty placing your child on a team due to a coach shortage.

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Team Mentor
Program Support
If you indicated Program Support as a 1st or 2nd choice, please let us now which are your areas of interest to help in:
FLL Jr Season Timeline
FLL Jr season will officially start during the first two weeks of the school year. We may host some optional summer events, such as field trips or the challenge launch that occurs on August 1. The following questions pertain to the school year, starting in September. Your team will meet from September until sometime in mid-December.
For team planning purposes, please indicate when you are able to attend team meetings. FLL Jr meetings are one hour long but will require approximately 15 minutes on each end for set-up and clean-up. Check as many boxes as apply to your September-December schedule.
Program Support Only - During School Hours
Is it possible that you will have to travel or otherwise be unavailable during the FLL Jr season? (Sept-Dec) *
Coaches are provided with a team shirt. Please indicate your t-shirt size.
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Thank You!
We appreciate your commitment to our kids. We look forward to contacting you soon with more information. If you have any questions, contact Jennifer Daunt at flljr.fsa@gmail.com
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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