Thank you for your interest in attending The Rainbow Bridges.
We feel honored and excited to be able to offer an opportunity to come together in this way.
It is a blessing that we hold with reverence and integrity.
To ensure that each of the attendees in our cohort feels like a resonant fit, please fill out the application as honestly as possible. We look forward to receiving it. We will be in touch once we have carefully reviewed the application.
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1. How did you learn about The Rainbow Bridges? Did someone refer you? If so, who? *
2. Do you have experience participating in any other trainings, Ritual or Ceremony? If so, what kind? *
3. Are you fully willing to prioritize the monthly workshops / retreats and complete the full year commitment, together with the cohort? *
6. What is your intention in attending the Rainbow Bridges program? *
7. What do you hope to gain from attending? *
4. Do you have a spiritual practice? If so, what is it? *
8. Do you have an area of specialization within the healing arts? If so, what is it and how long have you been in practice? *
9. How does Rainbow Bridges fit with your aspirations life goals and overall beingness? *
10. What has been your experience as a participant in healing modalities such as therapies, ceremonies, and workshops? What has been the impact on you personally? *
11. Setting a safe, secure and sacred container is a priority for us. Being in the Rainbow Bridges is a significant group experience and will access family of origin issues and dynamics. What is your experience of yourself as a participant in groups (extroversion, introversion, control issues, inclusion/exclusion, difficulties you’ve experienced and how you prefer others to relate, etc?) *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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