FBN Event Request
Application for official FBN events. FBN office will confirm your event with you or follow up with any conflicts.
*For personal and/or non-FBN ministry events, please fill out FBN Building Request.
Who is the lead point person of this event? *
This is the person(s) who will be accountable for the event.
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What is your event and who is it for? *
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What is the date and time of your event? *
How much FBN budget dollars will this event cost? *
This includes FBN credit card purchases, or reimbursements in the case that you used your own money for the initial purchase
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What rooms will you need?
What is your plan for getting into the building for setup and event? *
When the event is over will you make sure to restore the rooms used to their original condition, cleaned and reset as necessary? *
Explain how this event will promote Christ, His Gospel and His church. *
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