London Porn Film Festival 2019 film/video submission form
Deadline is 15th December 2018 (Now extended to 20th January 2019)
Submission is for the London Porn Film festival 2019, Dates TBC End of April 2019.
We prefer shorter films under 20 minutes and we are currently only selecting short films.

We are accepting work which aligns with our principles as a feminist, queer friendly, sex positive festival. We do not accept anything racist, transphobic, classist, sexist, misogynistic, non-consensual, ableist or in any other way discriminatory.

Technical requirements for submitting:
London Porn Film Festival is committed to access. Therefore, we will require all films entered that have dialogue to have English-language subtitles, and all films to have an audio description track. For a film to be considered for screening, both the subtitle and the audio description must be made available to us by 1st Feb 2019.

If you have more than one film to submit feel free to do so, using a new form for each submission.

Questions? contact us at

Thank you!

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