SONY 2018 USA Games Nurse Application
Hosted in Seattle, Washington the USA Games will be held on July 1-6, 2018. Below is a list of requirements for becoming a Nurse for Team NY at the 2018 USA Games.

Below is the list of the eligibility requirements for becoming a nurse for Team NY for the 2018 USA Games. Please be sure that you are aware of and agree to the following BEFORE filling out the application.

• Be a SONY registered Class A volunteer and undergo a background check;
• Licensed Nurse to support Team NY delegation in basic medical care and fulfill individualized Medication Administration Records (MAR) for the athletes in the delegation.
• Be assigned times as chaperone to athletes, potentially from outside your area/region for the duration of travel to, during and from the Games, including housing sites, competition venues and during the Delegation training camp prior to the Games;
• Be able to travel for approximately a two (2) week period end of June into July 2018 to attend the Games;
• Understand they may be removed from the Delegation at any time for failure to adhere to the principals or fulfill the responsibilities of the criteria as set forth by the Team New York Management Team and/or Special Olympics North America;
• Upon selection to Team New York, be under the direction of a Head of Delegation (HOD) staff person who will supervise and assist the participants;
• Agree to allow SONY to include you as a USA Games Nurse in pre/post publicity as well as in fundraising efforts;
• Agree to complete all 2018 USA Games registration paperwork including but not limited to SONA Consent and liability form;
• Be in good health and be comfortable outdoors in warm/humid weather for extended periods of time;
• Be able to handle walking long distances (15 mins+) to and from different venues- no shuttles on a large campus;
• Possess skills, behavior and attitude to successfully function as a member of a team (e.g. handle stress well, positive attitude, flexibility, possess and respect leadership).

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