Vote your <3 Keynote Speaker for YAPC::EUROPE 2016!

To start with, <3 means "Favorite", there've been questions. Now on the voting process, instructions are quite elementary:

1. Nomination phase is over, this was the link ( Thanks for adding valuable suggestions, you are amazing!
2. The list below is the output of step 1
3. Voting process allows multiple choices, as we have check-boxes in place
4. Deadline for voting your favorites: January 16th, 2016, EOD
5. Tweet, post & share the poll, to convince your friends to vote for your top choices, so that you make sure they get the spotlight!
6. Top 3, possibly Top 5 = Keynote speakers @ YAPC:EUROPE 2016, Cluj (fingers crossed they'll also agree)
7. Step 6, a big thanks for your involvement! See you all in Cluj-Napoca, the capital of Perl during 24-26 August 2016!

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