Lost Tombs player sign-up
Hey, thanks for showing interest in my new game!
When we get together to play online, what should I call you?
What are your pronouns?
Are there any particular concerns, needs, or questions that need to be addressed in order for you to enjoy the game?
If I would know you as a different name, like a username on GooglePlus or something, please share it here.
What's an email address we can use for communication?
If you have a twitter handle, please share it here.
If you already have a FLAILSNAILS character, please tell me a little bit about them: name, race, class, level, whatever else you thing is cool about them. (If you don't have a character yet, that's totally okay.)
This game will be running on weekends, but the exact day and time may differ from session to session. Which of the following times usually can work for you?
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