Creative Shock - FAQ
Please find the answers to frequently asked questions below.
What is Creative Shock? How does it differ from other competitions?
Creative Shock is a global social business case competition for students which first took place in 2011. Participants are gathered every year to solve real life business, marketing and PR problems for social enterprises and organizations. By organizing this competition, we seek to introduce students to real life social business models and to communicate how all traditional business strategies can be applied to social enterprises and organizations, improve students’ strategic thinking by challenging them with real marketing and management problems, promote social business all around the world.
What is the timeline of the competition?
Registration process (09.18-10.08)
I case study stage (10.09-15)
II case study stage (10.16-25)
List of Finalists revealed (11.06)
Creative Shock Final Weekend (11.30-12.03)
Creative Shock Social Business Conference (12.02)
Who can register for the competition?
Bachelor’s and Master’s students who will still be studying in University by the end of the competition, December 3rd, 2017.
What is the registration price?
There is no registration fee, the Final Weekend participation fee is 25 EUR.
When does the competition start?
Registration stops on the 8th of October, the 1st case study is sent on the 9th of October. The Final Weekend is going to be held in Vilnius from the 30th of November until the 3rd of December.
How does the competition look like?
You can register individually or in a team of 3-4 people. Individually registered participants are assigned to teams consisting of 3-4 people. Each registered team, is given two preliminary social business case studies to solve which are later evaluated by a team of experts. The weights of the first and second preliminary cases are 60% and 40% respectively. The top 10 teams are invited to the Final Weekend where they will be competing for the Grand Prize and attending a conference about social business.
How many teams will participate in the finals?
There will be 10 teams participating in the final weekend in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Who is paying for the trip if our team gets to the finals?
You have to cover the travel expenses yourself. Many universities are willing to cover such expenses as this is a possibility for their students to learn, improve and adapt the skills learnt at the university practically. That is why we strongly advise to contact your home university and get details about possible refunding.
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