Interim Session focus and prioritization
Kentucky Medical Freedom Coalition (KMFC) is working on priority issues for the 2022 legislative session, and we need your input. We will be meeting with legislators in this interim period to get discuss topics and work towards having bills pre-filed. While we want ALL of these bill ideas to pass because they're all important, we would like to know what concerns you the most.

As a reminder, here is the purpose of KMFC:
* to advocate for medical freedom, defined by this organization as the right to freely decline any medical intervention (including but not limited to: medications, procedures, immunizations/biologics), even more so if that intervention carries a risk of injury or death.
* to call attention to legislation regarding medical freedom
* to organize grassroots activism
* to provide resources for members to support their medical freedom choices

On masking:
Medically speaking it's a gray area and wasn't our top focus for 2021's session, and there are still lawsuits and bills held up in court on the subject, so this won't be listed in our top focus.

We have had yet more strikes against us on Facebook, and in order to reach you in case we're "permaZucked" as some like to call it, it's helpful to have your email address to keep you updated on our efforts and how you can promote medical freedom in Frankfort and in your area. Thanks!
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1st Priority
2nd Priority
3rd Priority
4th Priority
5th Priority
Employee protection from vaccine mandates and descrimination.
Consumer protection from vaccine passports.
Student protection (colleges/universities) protections from mandates.
Affirm parental rights for medical decisions on grounds of religious beliefs, right to a 2nd (medical) opinion (protection against medical kidnapping)
Local control over water fluoridation mandates.
Do you feel local control over water fluoridation falls under medical freedom to be addressed by KMFC?
What other important topics do you see falling under the umbrella of medical freedom that you would like to see KMFC pursue?
*Keep in mind that we will not be able to pursue all suggestions that are submitted.
Legislative Update - On Zoom and our Facebook group we have had legislative updates to keep everyone up-to-date on action alerts and bill movement. We're planning to have an update to discuss the findings of this survey, and everyone on our mailing list will get an invitation. Do you have any additional questions you'd specifically like us to cover in that update?
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