December Membership Cycle Renewal Form
Please update your OSBC household membership information by completing and submitting the form below. All information remains under the control of the OSBC Board Officers and is not shared with any outside organization.
Email Address *
This email address will be used for sending out membership renewal notifications along with walk updates, newsletters, and club announcements.
Alternative Email Address
If you would like, include a second email address for receiving walk updates, newsletters, and club announcements but no renewal notifications.
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Mailing Address *
Your mailing address is needed in case, at a future date, the OSBC Board decides to mail membership cards and/or newsletters. Please include the street address, name of town and state, and zip code.
Contact Phone Number *
Very seldom do we reach out to members via phone, but for membership purposes, it is important that we have a contact number in case we can not reach you via email.
How many birders are included in your household?
As our club continues to grow, our curiosity does as well. This data will provide us with a stronger sense of the total number of members we currently have in the club.
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