E-Mail Request Form for Portland Section ACS
Use this form if you want an email sent by Portland Local Section ACS email administrator.

This form has two purposes. 1. It documents all the emails the Section sends to constituents; and 2. it provides information to prepare the email without further contacting you. Complete the starred items to provide adequate information for the email to be sent.

Submissions from this form automatically are sent to Portland Section ACS.
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Exact wording including all hyperlinks *
There are 3 options for this field. 1. Compose a BRIEF email of no more than 100 words in this FIELD; 2. insert the URL to a googledoc file that has complete information; 3. write "email sent to martha@acsportland.org with a word document attachment". If there are multiple emails, please provide DATES when you want each email sent. Please include speaker credentials if you are writing an email for a Section event.
Any attachments?
If you send photos, they should be about 300 kb for a headshot. Use this file size calculator http://jan.ucc.nau.edu/lrm22/pixels2bytes/calculator.htm to determine your file size. Do not take photo files from the web, use original files from a camera or other original source. Please provide provinence (photographer and caption). Print photos should be at least 173 dpi. Web photos can be 72-100 dpi. Information from this form also may be used for the print newsletter. For your convenience, save your attachments and photos as a google doc and provide the URL in MESSAGE DETAIL below or provide in a google doc URL in previous field.
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Audience (blast population) *
If you want to limit the recipients make sure it's clear in this section, otherwise emails are sent to Everybody.
Purpose *
If this email is for a job posting you must have administrative rights.
Message detail, dates required, RSVP forms updated ETC.
If you did not provide a google doc with complete information, provide the number of emails you want for the event; the dates to be sent; and the URLs to photos or documents. The easiest way is to embed all in a google doc.
GoDaddy Campaign *
Sent on behalf of *
If this is used to advertise a job this name must have hiring authority. Provide complete contact information including phone and email address
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