Trash Survey
New York City neighborhoods are creating more residential trash than ever, yet the Department of Sanitation's services are being stretched thin and threatened by budget constraints. We want to hear from you about the experiences you are having with trash collection on your sidewalks. This information will be used to help the City experiment with possible solutions that would improve the quality of life for residents and visitors.

You received this survey because your feedback is important to us! Please forward this survey to others who might like to share their perspectives.

This survey comes to you from CHEKPEDS, Open Plans, and Hell's Kitchen Commons, three organizations committed to improving New York City's public realm and pedestrian experience. Thank you for participating!
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In your daily life, does trash accumulation on the sidewalk affect your quality of life? *
If you answered yes, what issues do you experience with trash collection? Check any that apply.
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Can you share the address and borough of the building(s) where your quality of life is most affected by trash collection?
Would the building you listed be interested in participating in a pilot to set out waste for collection in the curb lane of the street, instead of on the sidewalk?
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