2021 CAT North Scholarship Application                                                                   DEADLINE- April 15
Who is eligible: Any senior who has completed a CAT North Program and who will be attending college or technical school in the fall

Please Note: You will need a letter of recommendation from ONE of the following:  teacher, counselor, administrator, advisor, employer, or other adult who knows you well. Recommendations must be received by April 22 and should be emailed to:  cruffo-miller@aacps.org .
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Indicate below- the name of the person who will be writing you a letter of recommendation.  Please Note: Letters of recommendation must be received by April 22 and should be emailed to cruffo-miller@aacps.org . *
High School *
CAT North Program *
Scholarships I would like to be considered for: (You may  apply for as many scholarships as you are eligible for) *
List colleges or technical schools that you have applied to: *
Short Essay (1-2 paragraphs):  Include a short essay about your educational and career goals and why you chose this career path. *
Statement of Financial Need: Include things like # people living in your house, parent employment status, siblings in college, who will be responsible for paying your college bills, any other financial challenges.  ***Please Note- not all scholarships are awarded based on financial need *
Please include a statement about any personal challenges that you have experienced and what you may have done to try and overcome them.  This question is optional.  However, students applying for the Mary Nock Scholarship are highly encouraged to submit a statement:
Honors and Awards- List any honors, awards or recognitions that you have received during your high school years:
High School involvement- List any clubs, sports or other activities that you have participated in during your high school years:
Community Involvement- List any activities  in which you have participated in your community: (Ex. youth group, service, rec sports, etc.)
For Vulcan Baking and Culinary Scholarship students ONLY, please write a short paragraph answering this question: "If you were given everything that you needed to start your own business, what would you name it and describe what it would be like."
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