The Madeleine Questionnaire
In search of your eating and cooking memories. Only answer the questions you want to.
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What is your earliest kitchen memory?
Who cooked for you as a child?
Did you like to help in the kitchen?
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What were your favorite foods to eat?
Is there something you eat now that evokes your childhood?
What was your favorite thing to make?
How big was the kitchen of your childhood?
Did it get hot?
What were your favorite holiday meals?
Looking back, what was the most difficult thing the cooks in your family made (spongecake? flaky pastry dough?) that they made look easy?
What kitchen items do you have that belonged to a previous generation in your family, and do you use them?
What recipes do you make that your parents or grandparents made?
Where did your family store your recipes? Folding File? Index Cards?
Have you, or do you want to share your recipes with future generations of your family? Which ones?
Is there anything else you would like to add?
Would you be ok if your responses are used in a blog post on
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