King's Stoke Wassail VI booking
King’s Stoke Wassail VI is a planned sanctioned event running within Profound Decisions’ Empire gameworld. It will be running on the 2-4 November 2018 at the Yorkshire Museum of Farming and Danelaw Viking Village.

See our Facebook event at for the latest news.

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For emergency services in case of emergency
Registration number
for any car you are likely to bring to the event (if you aren't sure you can tell us later)
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Medical information
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IC Justification for attending
Please tell us why you think it would be appropriate for your character to be invited to this event - e.g. "I am a Marcher", "I am a previous attendee", the name of Stokeite or other Marcher who knows your character, or a connection to King's Stoke. This may be taken into account in prioritising bookings.
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Previous attendance
Have you attended any of the previous Wassails?
Wassail (2013)
Wassail II (2014)
Wassail III (2015)
Wassail IV (2016)
Wassail V (2017)
Attended (this character)
Attended (different character)
About you
Write as little or as much as you like to tell us about your character - any Imperial positions, public roles, allegiances, publications, preferences. This may be useful in providing plot that is of interest to you.
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Plot Preferences
Because of the nature of our site, all combat will be outside the village. Would your character be likely to go to combat opportunities?
Targeted Plot
No guarantees, but it's good to have volunteers
What are your feelings on longer-running plot-related Consequences?
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Sleeping arrangements *
Other people (by character, player or group name) who may be attending the event who you would like to share IC accommodation with. (If you don't sleep IC, you will still be allocated an IC space for roleplay and wassail.) If sleeping IC, people you would share a double bed with are particularly useful! Otherwise we will try to match by group and nation - let us know if there are specific reasons this wouldn't be appropriate (e.g. if you hate another group in your nation or are ostracised by others).
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If you are full-event crew, would you like the chance to play your Empire character?
We can't guarantee playing time, but hope to be able to provide some. There will be long-running NPC roles reserved for full-event crew who do not character.
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