2020 EA Post Conference Survey
Of the seven sessions offered, how many did you attend?
Overall, how would you rate the EA Telephone Conference held on 10/17/2020?
Needs Improvement
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What was the most beneficial part of the session(s) you attended?
We would appreciate your feedback on each session you attended by rating it using the scale below:
Welcome and The Yellow Pamphlet
11am: Healing Through Carrying the Message
12pm: Carrying the Message by Working the Steps
1pm: H.O.W. to: Carry the Message to Others
2pm: Sharing the Message Through Sponsorship
3pm: Carrying the Message Through Slogans
4pm: Self Care While Carrying the Message
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What would you recommend to improve the conference?
Would you attend a conference like this in the future?
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Do you have any other feedback?
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